Winter Gaiter


A 'Must Have' Cold Weather Comfort

This fleece cowl is Skullglove's heavily engineered solution to factory gaiters and scarfs. Its triple tapered design creates chest warmth, less bunching, minimal sag and more comfortable fit. It is a 'must have' cold weather item for exercise or casual.  Made of heavy 'moisture wicking' fleece with a deep chest and wide shoulder design, it keeps its shape and minimizes travel during exertion.  The cowl provides extreme warmth for a crucial area, which helps minimize excess layering of clothing elsewhere.  This is another Skullglove US hand-made, hand-printed product.

  • Heavily Engineered
  • Triple Tapered Fit
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Deep Chest/Wide Shoulder Design
  • Minimizes Layering 

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