DFP Gloves


A 'Must Have' Light Neoprene Compression Glove

This is a new Skullglove product that has been needed for a long time.  It was originally designed as a trail-running 'crash glove' with open fingers for maximum freedom.  For you trail runners out there all know that wiping out can be risky business as you try to catch your fall with your hands on rocks and gravel.  Your palm of the hand gets the heaviest impact.  So, that's why the palm of our new DFP glove is double padded with a pattern grip.  The glove has a friendly reminder 'Don't Face Plant', and that's why they are called 'DFP gloves'.  The added benefit is they are deep wrist support, extremely comfortable and great for computer work. Y ou'll probably wear them all day, feel naked without them and will have more than one pair.  This is another Skullglove US hand-made, hand-printed product.

  • Heavily Engineered
  • Deep Wrist Support
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Double Palm Cushion
  • Palm Grip Pattern
  • Open Finger Freedom

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